I am not an art pioneer like my cousin Tex Avery was.  I am more of a storyteller.
I simply try to capture in bronze the spirit of a special moment in time.

I have always loved the outdoors…it’s my decompression zone.  To watch the animals takes me to a very pure sense of life.  Consequently, horses, hummingbirds, butterflies, eagles, doves, March lilies and the like are often found in my work.

Because perfection in life is so hard to find I make little effort to portray it, so most of my work displays heavy texture from tool trails and fingerprints.  This texture seems to draw the hand, as well as the eye, to the sculpture.  I have been told many times by the viewer “…I had to touch it… because of the way it looked…the texture, the spirit.”

I consider that a great compliment.  Maybe it’s evidence that my storytelling is being heard.

 As you review the gallery herewith, you will see many examples of my work which has included interior, garden and landscape focal points, public and cemetery memorials, municipal awards and portraiture…people, pets and even a 55 Chevy!  Each piece was originally and will always be modeled by me and assembled individually, so each will be slightly different, a quality most collectors appreciate.

So, enjoy the photographs and consider the potential of our working together.  I will oversee your work throughout the entire creation process, so your satisfaction is guaranteed.  Please consider my 23 years of design, studio and foundry experience and give me a call.  I am looking forward to creating a unique bronze sculpture just for you …and generations to come, to enjoy!